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Dealer Exclusive CA Compliance

Getting Started:

To set up an account, please download THIS FORM  and return it with the required documents to Once received, a CRC representative will contact you.  

If you have already filled out the form and simply need a login sent, please CONTACT us via email:

Click the link below to to download our dealer agreement: 

Dealer Agreement Form Download

Who We are:

California Rifle Conversions’ sole existence is to provide California gun shops with firearms not typically found in CA legal configuration. Our dealers no longer have to rely on CA specific models to be in stock. We enable our dealers to stock and special-order firearms normally only found in "Free" states. CRC gives you the ability to tell your customers, “YES!” as opposed to watching another sale walk away due to California’s firearm restrictions. We offer direct distribution as well as allowing drop shipments to us on your account terms. 


Self-Sourced: Simply push your order through your preferred distributor as usual but have your rep forward the rifle(s) to us. Most distributors and California regional reps have our FFL on file but feel free to forward our FFL if the need arises or contact us and we can reach out to your rep. Once we receive your shipment, it will enter into our processing queue. Orders are filled in the order in which they are received. Once processed, an invoice will be created with the corresponding services, Fedex tracking number(s), CFLC and a will be issued to the e-mail address on file. Our current lead time is 1-2 weeks from the day the shipment is received.
Payments can be made by submitting a scanned copy or photo of a completed check made out to CRC or California Rifle Conversions via e-mail. Mailed checks may cause additional delay in shipment.
Full Service:  Due to the nature of our involvement in the industry, we are often able to source the hard to find firearms and pass them onto our dealers with minimal markup or occasionally cheaper. Never hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail if you're in the market for any particular firearm and we'll start the hunt immediately.
Once the firearm is located, we will issue a quote via e-mail. It is vital that we receive payment for special orders within 24 hours or we risk losing the rifle(s) on hold and may have to seek alternate sources that may skew the original price quote or lose availability completely. Orders will not be pushed until payment has cleared (typically 1 business day). All quotes are based on standard compliance, not including high cap mags or alternate compliance configurations. 
Special order lead times are 1-2 weeks from the day the shipment is received. Shipping times to us vary depending on the distributor and is out of our control. expedited orders will be quoted per request to cover expedited shipping from the distributor and overtime rates.

General Lead Times: 1-4 weeks


Additional Services:

Magazine Blocking
Generally speaking, one-off blocking is not cost effective. We’ve found some magazines develop reliability issues when riveting so we exclusively rely on commercial mag-blocks for our services. Due to the vast amount of magazine variants, we typically have to special-order the blocks for the order which quickly makes a $4 mag block $10 after shipping. Add labor to the equation and you can see where it becomes cost prohibitive for a magazine that costs $8.99. This service is mostly utilized when dealing with pricey proprietary magazines or in bulk quantities and varies on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail for a quote.
Single Action Conversions
Fortunately, manufacturers have been kind to CA in regards to the CA Handgun Roster with revolvers. For those that slipped through, we are able to convert most revolvers to single action exempt. These revolvers must have a barrel no less than 3” and an overall length of 7.5” to qualify.